How to Align a Car With a Tape Measure


There are three steps to a proper alignment. First, rough in the alignment of the car with a tape measure. Mechanic Superstore – 4 post car lifts should measure each tire rib from the same side. Next, you should adjust each tire by the same amount. Finally, you should check the alignment on all four wheels.
How to rough in a car’s alignment with a tape measure

The first step in roughing in a car’s alignment is to get a good measuring device. Your measuring device will determine how accurate your measurements are. Make sure to zero everything out, as this will help troubleshoot the alignment problem. Once you have a good measuring device, you can start to rough in a car’s alignment.

Next, you will want to check the alignment of the front tires. Normally, a car’s alignment is slightly “toe in.” This means each tire is turned slightly into the center of the vehicle. However, if a tire is angled too far into the center, it may not be aligned correctly. To check this, measure the distance between the front and rear centerlines.

You can also use a toe plate. This method is easier and faster to do, but it only measures the toe between two wheels at a time. This method may result in an angle that is off from the original.
How to perform a wheel alignment

One way to perform a wheel alignment yourself is to use a tape measure. This simple device is easy to use and requires no special equipment. The downside of this method is that you might not be able to perform the job properly. If you have no experience in alignment or are not sure what you’re doing, ask a mechanic.

Aligning your wheels can save your tires and give your car a smoother ride. Aligning the wheels ensures the correct angle of contact with the road and reduces tire wear. First, jack up your front tire. Then, use a level tape to measure line-to-line.

Another tool that is necessary for wheel alignment is a VEVOR toe plate. This tool serves the same function as a tie rod but is cheaper. It also has 4 probe feet for measuring toe and camber.
How to safely get your project between the garage and alignment rack without looking like a car sketched by Hanna-Barbera

Before starting an alignment project, you need to determine how much work is involved. Some people use a jack and a leveling platform. Others use a large cheater bar. Whatever method you use, make sure that your project is level and driveable.

To properly align your wheels, you need to check the toe angle, the camber and the steering angle. If any of these are off, you need to fix them before moving to the next step. learn more about Single post car lifts. requires input of vehicle information to calculate the exact alignment specifications for your vehicle. Some even have a feature that inflates the tires automatically.